Kansas City: The Paris of the Plains

Kansas City is the largest city in the state of Missouri and the 37th most populous city in the United States. This modern city encompasses 316 square miles and is known for giving birth to the musical styles of Kansas City blues and Kansas City jazz in its 18th and Vine Neighborhoods. Kansas City is known for its famous Kansas City-style barbecue. Aside from its cuisine and musical tastes, the city is comparable to Europe in its infrastructure. Other than Rome, Kansas City is known for having the most fountains in the world, and with over 200 fountains, it has officially been named “The City of Fountains.” It has also been called the “Paris of the Plains” because it features more boulevards than any other city except Paris. Kansas City houses everything from performing arts and professional sports to world-class cuisine and urban parks, making it an appealing place to an array of people and personalities.